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Richfield Flooring Team


The One In Charge

Peanut has been the boss here at Richfield Flooring for nearly 6 years! She will definitely come over and say hello to everyone who visits. She is very friendly and loves having her belly rubbed, unfortunately after this she will often turn her back on you and go and get back in her bed which is to be found on the desk between Callum, Louis and Pete. She will be watching you though!


Owners Oldest Son / Fitting Manager / Head Fitter

Tony worked alongside his dad from a very young age before going on to be a top floor layer in his own right. Tony has a complete passion for what he does and will make sure only the best is delivered to our customers. He has picked up many certificates and accreditations along the way. Tony likes fitting all types of flooring but he has a particular skill in LVT flooring, he loves the challenge of fitting LVT flooring to a winding staircase or a very old cottage with not a straight wall in sight! Tony has proved himself to be a great team leader and is now fitting manager, a position that suits him very well. Working along side Pete closely so he has a knowledge of every job being fitted and what is needed to make it a successful install.


Owners Youngest Son / Showroom Sales / Advice

Louis has worked alongside his dad from a very young age and spent his time watching every aspect of how a flooring shop runs and how everything is important from the smallest detail to the largest. Louis started off working in the new showroom when it first opened but we knew that to have the perfect person in the showroom it would mean having first hand floor laying knowledge so Louis went off and did several years floor laying which really went well. Louis is now full time in the showroom and has all the expert advice needed to help our customers with any questions or queries they may have when choosing the right floor for them. If you need advice or like a chat pop in and see Louis.


Owners "adopted" Son / Showroom Sales / Advice

Callum has been with us since he was 17 and joined us at Richfield Flooring when we opened our new showroom 10 years ago. There isn’t anything about flooring that Callum doesn’t know. He is very friendly and approachable and always ready to help. He has an excellent relationship with our customers and our flooring suppliers, he is well known and well liked by them. If you read our online reviews Callum is often mentioned. He can glide you around our showroom offering expert advice on everything we have on display. He loves everything Amtico and is an expert on this product.


Owners Uncle / Planner & Estimator

Pete has been in the flooring trade for over 30 years and has been part of our team for all of that time. Pete became our main estimator and floor planner when we opened our new showroom on Richfield Avenue Over 10 years ago. He has a wide knowledge on all flooring materials. He will be the one who comes out to measure up and bring samples if required. Pete will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and give advice on the best and most suitable flooring for you. He will assess your sub-floor and discuss this with you and will carry out a damp test if needed.


Owners Cousin / Assistant Manager

Dan has been working in the flooring industry for around 20 years and started work at Richfield Flooring when we opened our new showroom 10 years ago. Dan works very closely with the owner and makes sure everything is running smoothly in the showroom, that the floor layers have everything they need, deliveries are taken care of and the vehicles are all running well.


Owners Cousin / Floor Layer

Leon has been working alongside the owner for over 25 years and over these years has developed the skill to fit all types of specialist floor coverings. Leon is a very friendly and approachable person who is more than happy to answer any questions when you first meet and will talk you through the job at hand. You will often find Leon working quietly on his own fitting a very intricate LVT floor or a bespoke striped carpet with canvas edging on a Staircase.


Floor Layer

James has been with us for nearly 2 years now and has fitted in very well. When he joined us he had experience in LVT and Carpet fitting. Under the guidance of Tony he has now mastered the art of Intricate LVT floor laying. James has worked alongside Tony for the last 2 years and has been taught how we like to do things especially the service we provide to our customers. James is now fitting on his own and occasionally teams up with Tony for the larger jobs or to drink Tony's coffee.


Floor Layer

Dylan has recently joined us and is doing well. He has come from a family that also runs a business so he understands the value of that and our customers will feel the benefit of this.
Dylan has come in under Tonys wing so we know he will be taught very well and will learn every aspect of what it takes to become a great floor layer one day!


Floor Layer

Harvey has been with us for over a year now. He has steadily gained knowledge of fitting Amtico and is on track to be a very skilled LVT fitter in the coming future.